The best four are there…..but where’s the shocks?

There’s a sense of the inevitable about the last four in Euro 2012, and while this should ensure that quality will prevail, the competition has a slight tinge of the predictable about it. A couple of early surprises deprived the competition’s latter stages of Russia and the Netherlands, but the knockout part of Euro 2012 […]

England out….and now Hodgson’s work really begins

Justice was done, although losing on penalties is a bitter pill to swallow. After all this time, you would think England just might be able to handle these occasions. One win in eight penalty shoot-outs. Considering the amount of penalties in the English game, it’s strange that the national team just can’t get its head […]

England v Italy: The cunning plan is about to be tested

There’s a growing feeling – or hope – that England can beat Italy and march on to the semi-finals. This sudden optimism that England can break the habit of a lifetime and beat a “blue chip” nation is perhaps a little over-zealous, especially as their record against Italy is far from convincing. Only six times […]

England can “ugly” their way through….until they reach the Germans

Cometh the man, cometh the hour, as they say, and Wayne Rooney proved to be “johnny on the spot” just at the right time. England have, against the odds, “ponced” their way through to the quarter finals of 2012 and they could even go a stage further. If the three England games proved anything, it […]