Eusebio the great

It’s fashionable to liberally throw the word “legend” around, but very few footballers actually achieve that status in their lifetime, let alone when they pass from view and their legacy is grainy video footage or yellowing newspaper coverage. In Portugal this week, the government has declared three days of official mourning for the death of one genuine sporting icon – Eusebio da Silva Ferreira. Eusebio was so good he inspired many nicknames, many of which defy political correctness in today’s world. Pantera Negra or in English, Black Panther is one of them. Today, he may be called “the Panther”, but … Continue reading Eusebio the great

Europa Finalists, but Benfica are a long way off Eusebio’s heyday

There was a time when a meeting with Benfica would send shivers down the spine of any team in Europe. That was in the day of Eusebio, the rapier-like finisher from Mozambique with blistering pace and power like no other player. He was Europe’s answer to Pele – at least that’s what World Cup 1966, when he tore Brazil to pieces, suggested. Benfica were one of Europe’s top clubs in the 1960s – they were the club that broke Real Madrid’s strangehold on the European Cup –  and although they’ve been good for the odd run since, the Eagles from … Continue reading Europa Finalists, but Benfica are a long way off Eusebio’s heyday