Dortmund finances hit by CV-19 – more to come?

UNSURPRISINGLY, the coronavirus pandemic has hit some of Europe’s top clubs where it really hurts. Borussia Dortmund, one of the first to reveal their 2019-20 financials, made a € 44 million loss, largely due to reduced matchday income, lower levels of profitability around transfers and higher wages. BVB, whose share price has fallen by more […]

Football’s competitive issues: Predictability is not just a “big five” problem

PRIOR TO this disrupted and somewhat confusing campaign, the past two seasons saw the same league champions across the “big five” leagues in Europe – domination by the rich and advantaged, namely Manchester City, Paris Saint-Germain, Bayern Munich, Juventus and Barcelona. It was seen as affirmation the game had become predictable, stale and lacking in […]

Crystal Palace aim to be liquid in a crisis

CRYSTAL PALACE, at long last, made public their financial performance for 2018-19 and underlined a relatively conservative approach to keeping their house in order. Palace, who are in their record-breaking seventh consecutive season in the top flight, made a pre-tax profit of £ 5.4 million on the back of best-ever revenues totalling £ 155.4 million. […]

Carlisle United fans demonstrate love in the time of coronavirus

CARLISLE is one of football’s outposts. Almost staring into Scotland, it is a mid-sized city with fewer distractions than some of the more metropolitan areas of the country. Carlisle United, founded in 1904, is a small, somewhat homely club with a sizeable stadium – Brunton Park is the largest in England which is not all-seated. […]

Middlesbrough’s finances show they’re still acclimatising

THE suspension of top level football may just save Middlesbrough from relegation to League One, but the club’s finances are still in recovery mode. Middlesbrough’s revenues for 2018-19, their last year of parachute payments from the Premier, fell from £ 62 million to £ 55.6 million, a drop of some 11% on 2017-18. To counter […]

Manchester City’s “decade of hard work” closes the gap

MANCHESTER CITY’s historic 2018-19 season has not only been reflected in a trophy-packed boardroom, it has helped to deliver record revenues for the treble-winning Cityzens. City’s revenues totalled £ 535 million, the second successive season in which the club broke the half billion mark. In 2018-19, revenues rose by 7% while expenses dropped by 18%.  […]