KPMG report shows Liverpool and Spurs on the rise, Arsenal struggling to keep pace

STUDIES on the economic state of football are fairly predictable these days, the small band of uber-clubs is well established at the forefront of the game. But these studies can provide some pointers about the clubs on the rise or those in decline. If one assumes the top bracket will remain more or less intact, […]

United the most valuable club

DESPITE being out of the UEFA Champions League and unable to make a sustained Premier League challenge in 2016-17, Manchester United are Europe’s most valuable club, according to KPMG’s Football Benchmark report, The European Elite 2017. United are ahead of Real Madrid and Barcelona, underlining the impressive off-pitch performance of the club. Operating revenues totalled […]

Level playing field? No, the rich just get richer

WE PROBABLY didn’t need to be told, but Football Benchmark, that team of wise old sages in Budapest, has confirmed that football, the “game of the people”, is far from democratic. We’ve known for some time that European football has created a set of “uber clubs” that sweep up the cash like a combine harvester […]