Sevilla, Atletico impress in player trading

THE OLD adage, “the more you spend, the more you win”, comes under scrutiny in the recent paper from KPMG’s Football Benchmark team. The report demonstrates that some clubs have established a strong record for balancing the books while being moderately successful. Needless to say, the big spenders are the small group of bulge bracket clubs that currently stand astride European football, but others, such as Sevilla, Atletico Madrid and Borussia Dortmund provide good case studies of prudent financial management. KPMG’s paper defines player trading from a number of different accounting factors as well as the profit/loss on the disposal … Continue reading Sevilla, Atletico impress in player trading

Social media and football – value to be leveraged?

THE latest report from Football Benchmark highlights how social media has grown at an astonishing rate over the past few years. When Manchester United won the Premier in 2013, the club’s twitter page was followed by around one million people. In three years, that has grown to almost 10 million. And this is only part of the story, for clubs like United have vast audiences on facebook and Instagram. Such is the importance of social media today that at the recent Soccerex conference, sessions were devoted to how clubs and organisations can leverage their profile and content generation. And now … Continue reading Social media and football – value to be leveraged?