TIFO Football video: The economic impact of the Corona Virus

GAME OF THE PEOPLE is delighted to have linked-up once more with TIFO Football in the production of a video on some of the possible affects of the Corona Virus on the world’s number one sport. Football is the people’s game and its wealth, sustainability and support is underpinned by the mass gathering of spectators. […]

Dressing up in costumes, playing silly games: The football experience

WE ALL like to think that football is more than just 22-28 young men kicking an object around an oblong field – if only because it elevates our interest beyond obsession to something that is more deep and meaningful! Journalists fantasise, marketing and advertising folk commercialise, romantics eulogise and academics intellectualise the importance of the […]

The football condition: Devotion, delusion, distraction… deserving?

A CHIN-STROKING professor, trying to explain the typical extra-curricular activities of British people, once remarked that in any group of 100 men, around 50% spent much of their free time watching “association” football.  He went on to explain that for many of these people, the game of football was, to a certain degree, the replacement […]