RB Leipzig, Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester City… what is a “normal” club?

THE excellent German football publication 11 Freunde refused to cover the game between Bayern Munich and RB Leipzig as the latter is not a “normal” club. Admittedly, in the traditional German sense, RBL is not like most of the others, but then, what really constitutes normal? Football has never warmed to a club, or player, […]

The Allianz Arena – an aesthetic vision from another planet

ASTOUNDING is one way to describe Bayern Munich’s Allianz Arena. The sheer size and audacity of the building is like something from another universe. You can quite easily compare it to a recently-landed space ship, one that is sitting on the outskirts of one of Europe’s most appealing and civilised cities, observing life forms found […]

Bayern and Leipzig square-up in early title eliminator

THIS coming weekend could be a decisive moment in the Bundesliga title race. Bayern Munich went top of the table after beating Mainz away 3-1 while RB Leipzig, the leaders, drew 2-2 with Mönchengladbach. Bayern, after an eight game run that saw them lose four times between October and December, have seemingly overcome their stuttering […]

Great Reputations: Borussia Mönchengladbach 1974-77 – mythical rebels

IT’S part of popular football culture that Bayern Munich have always been the dominant force in German football. Certainly, Bayern is the country’s most high-profile club and undoubtedly the most successful football institution from the Bundesliga. In recent years, only Borussia Dortmund have challenged Bayern on a sustainable basis, but the first club to grapple […]

I took U2 and found what I was looking for – floodlights and Dynamo

WE hear a lot about the democracy of German football and its user-friendly ticket policies, but not everywhere is it cheap to watch the game in the home of the world champions. I paid no less than EUR 18 to watch a game in Regionalliga Nordost, which is below the three division main structure of […]

English football should learn from Germany and its democratic clubs

They do things properly in Germany, and that includes their national game. German football is on the brink of a new golden age. The national team is once more feared, the Bundesliga is thriving – average attendances 42,000-plus – and the top German clubs are doing well in Europe. Bayern Munich, Dortmund and Shalke are […]