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A Danish hero

MY Father did not like football, he saw it as over-rated and over-hyped. But in 1992, just a few months before he retired from his job as a social club manager, he joined in the celebrations when Denmark became European champions. On the night that Denmark beat Germany […]

The Premier has helped remove xenophobia

THE PREMIER League is a multi-national circus of talent that  has – rightly or wrongly – transformed football in England into the most intensely marketed, lucrative and, arguably, most controversial league across Europe. Football in Britain relies heavily on foreign players, to such an extent that its critics […]

Leipzig contra mundum

A MAN wearing a VFB Leipzig hat and a Lokomotive scarf walked through the centre of town with just a little air of defiance. It was matchday at the Red Bull Arena and the bars and restaurants were gradually filling up with RB Leipzig fans grabbing a pre-match […]