India, China and the US – credible stats

NO MATTER how much activity seems to be coming out of emerging market football nations, not many people are prepared to consider that the United States, India and China will ever be serious football powers. You cannot deny, however, that interest in the game in these markets is booming, with India and China particularly growing at a rapid pace. Attendances at top level matches in these countries are on the rise and now rivalling their more mature cousins in Europe. Admittedly, India and China have vast populations to call upon, but you cannot fail to be impressed by some of … Continue reading India, China and the US – credible stats

Soccerex: India – tomorrow’s football giant?

India’s inaugural Super League season has been heralded a huge success – the average attendance of 26,505 was the fourth highest in world football in 2014. Little wonder that FIFA President Sepp Blatter has called India “a sleeping giant that needs to be woken up”. On the evidence of the efforts being made by Indian football, it might not be too long before the country starts to make a noise. In the past, emerging market football nations have merely imported expertise, usually on high wages and short-term contracts, but there is a sea change in that India now realises the potential of the … Continue reading Soccerex: India – tomorrow’s football giant?

Indian football – it’s just not cricket

We don’t associate India with football. This is largely because the country is so obsessed with cricket and in the days when Britain marched across the world building up its imperialist portfolio you just couldn’t imagine the sons of empire kicking the ball around in the Bombay heat in their finest tweed. Given the ruling classes turned the World map pink, football – the pastime of the proles – was never going to be the priority as a leisure pursuit. The essence of “Britishness” became cricket and there’s no bigger advocate of the sport than India. But businessmen and football-mad … Continue reading Indian football – it’s just not cricket