Tottenham are still waiting, but which clubs have been in the queue longest for a trophy?

EVERTON and Tottenham fought-out an exciting FA Cup fith round tie this week, with the Toffees winning by the odd goal in nine. It has been 26 years since Everton lifted a trophy, 33 since the league title last ended up at Goodison Park. Having made it to the last eight, the blue half of […]

Mühren and Thijssen, taking totalvoetbal to Suffolk

IN the mid-1970s, there was a certain fascination for all things Dutch among the football fraternity. Some managers, such as Dave Sexton, Ron Greenwood and Bobby Robson, were students of the European game and attempted to bring elements of the continent to England. It didn’t always work, for English players were not schooled in the […]

Through the turnstiles: Cardiff City v Ipswich Town

CARDIFF CITY have made quite a few headlines over the past few years. The controversial switch from the club’s traditional blue shirts to red, initiated by Victor Tan and his associates, did little to endear the administration to the fans. Thankfully, the club reverted to blue, but the episode merely underlined the lack of understanding […]

Calling in on Millwall….no-one likes ’em, apparently

Even in the this age of stadium sanitisation, a trip to Millwall does make you a little apprehensive. There’s a good reason for that. Picture this: a 17 year-old making his first trip to South-East London to see the London derby between Millwall and Chelsea. Alighting at New Cross, there was a tense atmosphere, a […]

Calling in on….Ipswich Town – in need of more Suffolk punch

Anyone who grew up in an era when Ipswich Town were among the top clubs in the country, playing a brand of progressive football that drew comparisons with the best that Continental Europe could offer, has difficulty in coming to terms with Ipswich’s current reduced status. Portman Road is still a neat stadium, imposing in […]

Lame ponies – the sad decline of Ipswich Town

Look at the foot of the Championship table and you’ll see evidence of the continued decline of a club that was once progressive, exciting, multi-talented and…successful. Ipswich Town used to be one of those clubs that could easily be categorized as “everybody’s second favourite team”. Like a number of clubs that have flirted with greatness […]