Football’s experts and influencers – some of the people we listen to

ONE OF the big changes in the football business world has been the recognition that the most popular sport on the planet now carries far greater weight than ever before. Admittedly, the game is dismissed as being the most important of the unimportant things in life, but in terms of contribution to the economy, social […]

Football Read Review: The Barcelona Legacy – the story of our footballing time?

IS THERE a more prolific writer of quality football books than Jonathan Wilson? There are others who write a lot of books, but few that can match the depth of content, useful insights or accuracy. His latest tome, exploring how the current football paradigm owes its roots to Dutch football philosophy and Johan Cruyff at […]

Football Read Review: Few angels, but some great players

Angels with Dirty Faces: The footballing history of Argentina by Jonathan Wilson I HAVE to admit to being a little biased here as Jonathan Wilson is just about my favourite contemporary football writer. Following classic tomes such as Inverting the Pyramid, Behind the Curtain and the books involving England and Liverpool’s defining matches, Wilson has […]