The United renaissance will be tested by two clashes with Liverpool

A FEW week ago, after Arsenal had won at Old Trafford, the backside seemed to be dropping out of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s world. Manchester United had been beaten by Crystal Palace, Tottenham and Arsenal at home and the knives were out. Now, some 11 games later, United are top of the Premier League, they are […]

Klopp, Löw and a bad night in Seville

LOSING 6-0 would normally prompt drastic action and kneejerk reactions in football boardrooms. In the football world of today, directors and owners have a particularly low threshold of tolerance. Hence, managers are often sent to the gallows prematurely even though change sometimes brings no improvement. It is fair to say that Joachim Löw, Germany’s coach […]

The cost of Liverpool’s success – it didn’t come cheap

LIVERPOOL’s 2019-20 champions cost the club around half a billion pounds in transfer fees, less than the amount paid to assemble Manchester City’s team in 2018-19, but still making the reds the second most expensive side to win the Premier League. Long gone are the days when clubs developed talent for their first teams – […]