Taking the higher road with the Orient

IT’S good to see Leyton Orient back in the Football League after two years in the non-league game. Orient are one of London’s most humble, most down-to-earth clubs and certainly most challenged clubs – they have competition from Arsenal, Tottenham and West Ham on their doorstep. Indeed, you can see the Olympic site from Leyton station. Leyton is one of the most diverse areas of … Continue reading Taking the higher road with the Orient

Can non-league launch an Os revival?

ABOUT 40 years ago, I was visiting Brisbane Road for a second division game and left Leyton station in search of the ground. As I did, I asked a slight lad with a kit-bag the way to the Orient. He said, “I’m heading there, just follow me.” A couple of hours later, I spotted this youngster on the pitch and he was running the opposition … Continue reading Can non-league launch an Os revival?

Calling in on….Chesterfield – getting bent out of shape

The symbol of Chesterfield is the crooked spire of St. Mary and All Saints Church, which can be seen from almost every vantage point in this Derbyshire town. Chesterfield FC are known, appropriately as “The Spireites”, a bit of a mouthful but needless to say, an original nickname if ever there was one. The power of good marketing has been recognised at Chesterfield and their … Continue reading Calling in on….Chesterfield – getting bent out of shape

Calling in on…..Leyton Orient

“There’s a chicken on the pitch,” shouted an Orient steward in a dayglo orange jacket. “He thinks it’s all over,” came the response from a man in a Southport shirt. It was the only sign of life in Brisbane Road one hour before kick-off in Orient’s FA Cup first round tie with the Conference Premier side. If you take a quick look at Leyton Orient’s … Continue reading Calling in on…..Leyton Orient

Something stirring in East London

Most clubs have “had their moments”, but Leyton Orient are one of those outfits that can count the significant milestones in their history on one hand. In fact, they seem to have changed their name more often than they have made headlines. Before lining up at Brentford on Monday September 23, Orient had a 100% record at the top of League One. There’s never been … Continue reading Something stirring in East London