PSG and Pochettino, you know it makes short-term sense

THE WORST kept secret in European football became reality as Mauricio Pochettino took the plunge and joined Paris Saint-Germain on an 18-month contract. Why 18 months (with an option for a further year), you might ask, is there not enough confidence in the deal to give the former Tottenham manager a longer-term contract?  Let’s face […]

Tottenham’s frustration forces a change of ethos

TOTTENHAM Hotspur were supposed to be different, a club that didn’t follow the zeitgeist of football as a rich-man’s plaything. Spurs were committed to developing players, providing the hub of the Southgate project, and they resisted the temptation of throwing money around. They had also kept faith with a coveted manager that was popular, played […]

The sins of Wenger and Pochettino, strangely similar

ARSENAL and Tottenham Hotspur may have something in common other than a shared geography – they have hosted influential and extremely gifted managers who operate on an autocratic basis. Arsène Wenger was well known to be his own man, stubborn and convinced of his own methods and reluctant to change. In the end, Arsenal had to […]

Football Media Watch: The weight of expectation on Spurs

A FEW years ago, just being in the UEFA Champions League would have been enough for Tottenham, but now, several seasons into “project Pochettino”, there is a certain expectation that Spurs can “do things” in the competition. They’re in a tough group that also includes Barcelona and PSV Eindhoven, as well as this week’s opponents, […]