Turkish clubs lead the way in stock market growth

TURKEY’S leading football clubs enjoyed the highest growth rates in their share price in 2016, reveals the latest paper from KPMG’s Football Benchmark. Against the odds, Turkey’s Borsa Istanbul grew by TL 42.6bn (USD 118m) in 2016. There is some correlation between Turkish market growth and the performance of the country’s top clubs. Trabzonspor’s share […]

You’ll have to come a long way, baby: Chinese football and power

THEY may be spending Yuan by the bucketful and interest in the game is at an all-time high, but can Chinese football clubs really challenge the European leviathans? With Deloitte’s latest Football Money League released this week, the professional services group is preparing the way for an insurgence of new money breaking into the top […]

Turkeys voting for Christmas: The end of the World Cup as we know it

WE ALL know that FIFA is a political beast and that FIFA grandees are all fully paid-up members of the self preservation society, but in this time of populist movements and tales of the unexpected, we should not be surprised that football’s worldwide controlling body has voted to increase the size of the World Cup […]