Commanding the airwaves – a guide for non-league clubs

TODAY’S non-league club has many options when communicating with its supporters, its sponsors and the greater community. Things have changed substantially since the days when the local newspaper and the match programme were the only outlets. But the new paradigm delivers many more opportunities for the small non-league club. Here’s some ideas based on 20 years’ experience as a non-league press officer and a corporate … Continue reading Commanding the airwaves – a guide for non-league clubs

Non-league, the “slice of life”

WE live in an age where everyone’s a journalist or blogger, anyone can make a film or video and we all want news and information (getting them to pay for it is another story, though). Social media rules the waves and basically, there’s virtually no-one who doesn’t have a story to tell you. So should we be that surprised that suddenly, there seems to be … Continue reading Non-league, the “slice of life”

How many Spencers out there?

IT IS always sad to see a non-league club fold, but the fact that Northampton Spencer played their last home game in front of just 75 people says a lot about the sustainability of football at step five and below. I visited Kingthorpe Mill, the club’s ground since 1971, around 20 years ago. I doubt there were 75 people at the game against a United … Continue reading How many Spencers out there?

Taking the contrarian view – the cult clubs that defy the odds

There are successful clubs, monied clubs, ambitious clubs and those that are always down on their luck. But there are also clubs that have some cachet because of their name. Some are, relatively speaking, well supported considering their status. And there’s those that have enjoyed better days, moments when they have been in the sun, won trophies and been at the top of the game. … Continue reading Taking the contrarian view – the cult clubs that defy the odds

Out of town….is it really so bad?

Football grounds, relocation plans and lease issues have become something of a battleground in modern day football. Take Hitchin Town of the Southern League as an example. The Canaries’ landlords, the much demonised “Cow Commoners”, have tabled a plan for an out-of-town ground that is just under two miles from the town centre. Some people are upset by the prospect of this. When football was … Continue reading Out of town….is it really so bad?

A way to remove the stigma of the wild west in non-league

Last weekend, Hitchin Town of the Calor Gas Southern League Premier travelled almost 500 miles to play in  front of 234 people. This was regionalised football gone mad. Aside from the fact that the dozen supporters who made the trip may have had a good day out and experienced the buzz of “we wuz there” (and hats off to them!), how relevant was that fixture … Continue reading A way to remove the stigma of the wild west in non-league

Cap the non-league budget….somehow

I was in Denmark two weekends ago, and in a lunchtime session with a trio of prominent football people, one of whom won a European Championship medal, we moved on to the subject of players’ wages. When I asked how far down the Danish pyramid players receive wages, they informed me it is just the top two levels. The Danish FA would not have it … Continue reading Cap the non-league budget….somehow