State of Play: Norwich City – torn between two divisions

NORWICH CITY are a popular football institution, one that is sometimes too strong for second tier football, but often lacks the financial clout to maintain a top level presence. The club has little trouble gaining support at their homely, compact arena, but with the continued polarisation of English and European football, clubs like Norwich may have […]

Norwich City count the cost of promotion

NORWICH CITY are one of football’s yo-yo clubs, bouncing between divisions with regularity, mostly without a sense of panic that grips many clubs when they suffer reversals. The club is also one of those football institutions that people genuinely like – unthreatening, unassuming and surviving on a diet of little victories and the ability to […]

Canaries, Canarini, Canaris, Kanaryalar, Канари – here come the birds

Norwich City of the English Premier visit one of their poorer cousins, Hitchin Town, in a friendly game to mark the 150th anniversary of the founding of a football club in the North Hertfordshire market town. The link between Hitchin foot-ball club (yes, there was a hyphen) and the current Hitchin Town FC is a […]