Forest Green Rovers and another way

FOOTBALL IS, in many ways, a one dimensional game – its simplicity, its demographic and its popular appeal make it ideal for the masses. Regardless of the number of causes the industry attaches itself to, the essence of football remains entertainment for the people, the creation of loyalty and allegiance and, ultimately, forlorn expectation. Traditionally, we have associated the game with grimy back streets, smoking … Continue reading Forest Green Rovers and another way

Calling in on…Colchester United

It’s sometimes easy to forget that Colchester is in Essex, constrasting as it does with the hinterland of all-pervading Thurrock. And as a Football League town, it is something of an outpost. As a child, I remember being taken to Colchester Zoo, learning about the town’s Roman history and later, in 1971, watching Ray Crawford inspire United to an earth-shattering (and enjoyable for most) FA … Continue reading Calling in on…Colchester United