London mauling in the imitation zone

LONDON has tried hard to ensure the 2012 Olympics have an appropriate legacy, which includes maintaining the Olympic Stadium as an ongoing concern. West Ham United secured the site and left their Boleyn Ground at the end of 2015-16 for a new beginning. Opinion was divided about the three-mile move to Stratford, but some people believed that the new home would provide the Hammers with the catalyst to step-up and become a genuine European club that could challenge for honours. It hasn’t quite worked-out as planned. True, West Ham sold 53,000 season tickets for the renamed London Stadium and they kept … Continue reading London mauling in the imitation zone

Die Hard 2 Tourist 1

I WAS sitting high in the north side of Stamford Bridge when a bald, burly and Stone Islanded middle-aged man came bursting his way through row 24. He sat two seats away from me and said, “’aint seen you here before. Are you new?”, I smiled and responded, “about 45 years new.” It was true, I looked out of place – firstly, I had not been in his part of the stand before and secondly, my recent patronage of Chelsea Football Club had been spasmodic. I was, therefore, relatively new to matey. Fortunately, he found it amusing, but when Tommy Baldwin … Continue reading Die Hard 2 Tourist 1

The Lazy Listicle: Five things to remember about the Boleyn Ground

WEST HAM UNITED will shortly move from their long-time home at Upton Park to the Olympic Stadium. While Hammers’ fans may mourn the loss of their old ground, the relocation could prove to be one of the smartest decisions they’ve made. Nevertheless, the Boleyn Ground has been one of the most atmospheric football grounds in the country. Here’s five things to remember: Nathan’s Eel and Pie Shop in Barking Road. Old east enders eulogise about “Pie and Mash”, which is effectively a meat pie, potatoes and some strange green sauce called “Liquor” a watery parsley sauce – and not some … Continue reading The Lazy Listicle: Five things to remember about the Boleyn Ground