Football didn’t come home, but it’s close to home

ENGLAND’S World Cup adventure may have ended in heartbreak, but if non-league football plays its cards right, it could exploit the goodwill impact of an extraordinarily successful campaign in Russia. There’s no doubt that the nation got behind waistcoated and bearded Gareth Southgate and his young team in much the same way that in Euro […]

Do we really need Olympic football to be just World Cup lite?

THE OLYMPICS are in full swing now and there’s a notable absence from the football competition in Brazil – a Great Britain team. We should not be too surprised, for with the exception of 2012 when the nation hosted the games, we haven’t really taken part, for various reasons,  for some years. The golden age […]

West Ham won the World Cup….now they can win at the Olympics

At long last, the political and logistical wrangling is over and it’s a little clearer; West Ham United are favourities to move to the Olympic Stadium. This will be good news for West Ham and equally positive for the Olympic legacy. Everyone who attended London 2012 will be glad that the site of the capital’s great achievement will […]

Olympic football is alive and well and living in Coventry

A crowd of 28,171 people got a taste of Olympic football in Coventry this weekend for a double bill involving Mexico,  Gabon, South Korea and Switzerland. You got the feeling, however, that Coventry was ill-prepared for such an event – car parking was chaotic and the area around the city had probably not seen such activity […]

60 years ago, Puskas and Co. lit up the Olympics

With the Olympics about to get underway, it’s worth recalling that the Helsinki games of 1952 spawned one of the greatest national teams ever to take the football field. Hungary’s superbly talented team, which lit up a gloomy post-war Europe, won Olympic gold in Finland, and were immediately tagged favourites for the World Cup in […]