The Lazy Listicle: 10 iconic European Stadiums

WHEN I was a kid, I used to read the International Football Book, a strange tome that was edited by the man who went on to form Charisma Records. In the back of the book, there was a list of all the major international teams’ records for the year, listing their line-ups in a chart that indicated each player’s position – G, RB, LB and so on. It also listed the venues of their games and it was from this book that my interest in overseas football and geography started. I was fascinated by stories of how Austria had played … Continue reading The Lazy Listicle: 10 iconic European Stadiums

Should we be that surprised about Paris?

People are rightly outraged about the behaviour of a gang of Chelsea fans on the Paris Metro. Some commentators are expressing genuine surprise that this sort of thing still goes on. Even old players such as Brendan Batson are expressing their disbelief that in 2015, football can still act as the host for malignancies like racism. It’s Kenco time. I can only assume that those who are shaking their heads in disapproval or disgust have been watching football from the “Prawn Sandwich” sections of the football grounds of England. While the days of mass chanting of rascist abuse have gone, … Continue reading Should we be that surprised about Paris?

No sign of a city rival for PSG

Capital cities don’t always provide the bulk of a nation’s top football clubs, but generally, the most influential come from the most affluent parts of the country and by definition, that is invariably the capital. So it’s no surprise that in some places, clubs in and around the metropolis figure among the most successful. There are glaring exceptions right across Europe, however. In Spain, the balance of power is currently not in Madrid, but in Barcelona. Now some people would claim that is a capital city in its own right, but despite the fact that four clubs from Madrid are … Continue reading No sign of a city rival for PSG