Scotland the weak

In a week when Gordon Strachan admitted that Scottish football needs “wholesale reform”, it was interesting to see comedian Andy Cameron on a re-run of Top of the Pops, singing “Ally’s Army”, that paen to the 1978 Scottish international team bound for Argentina. How times change, for in 35 years, Scotland have gone from being a confident, strident international team to absolute also-rans. In fact, with each year, Scotland’s position becomes increasingly weaker. It’s difficult to see how they can qualify for a major tournament again. They are not alone, however, for England are in a downward spiral and Wales … Continue reading Scotland the weak

Rangers – Aye Ready for liquidation

Glasgow Rangers are a systemic club. Without them, Scottish football will fall deeper and deeper into the world of also-rans. Whatever the green half of Glasgow thinks, Celtic need Rangers. The rivalry – however unpleasant it can be – is what keeps football alive in Scotland’s second city. However, this should not prompt the authorities in Scotland to give them sacred status. Rangers have been mis-managed – the way Luton Town were, the way countless others are – and they have lived beyond their means. It’s Greece in a football shirt. What’s even more mystifying is that nobody needs to … Continue reading Rangers – Aye Ready for liquidation