Bayern Munich – who will actually unseat them?

BAYERN MUNICH recently reminded everyone they are a powerful club with substantial financial resources. Furthermore, by drawing 1-1 at RB Leipzig, they also stopped dead – for now – any talk of an imminent shift in the balance of power in the Bundesliga. Leipzig may have held the champions, but they also failed to beat them and record a victory that would have provided evidence … Continue reading Bayern Munich – who will actually unseat them?

Bayern’s double – more nutritional, healthy and balanced

IN BRITAIN, we used to think we were the only football community that truly cared about domestic cup competitions. Other countries were blasé about their FA Cup, it was considered to be a sideshow to the league. In recent years, the media, fans and some clubs have forced us to admit that the FA Cup has lost some cachet, that it is not the primary … Continue reading Bayern’s double – more nutritional, healthy and balanced

Soccer City: Salzburg

THINK OF Salzburg and you immediately conjure-up images of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Romanesque and Baroque architecture and, of course, the Sound of Music. It’s not a city that you would normally associate with football passion, Austria is not a one of the seething hotbeds of the modern game, although it has played its part in shaping modern football. But if you were to determine the … Continue reading Soccer City: Salzburg

Portfolio club ownership on the rise

THE characteristics of the free-market economy have long been adopted by football, including the once prestigious mergers and acquisitions industry. In KPMG’s Football Benchmark’s latest paper, multi-club ownership is discussed, highlighting a growing trend across the sector – at a time when the corporate finance sector is seeing a big drop in M&A activity. In recent months, Atlético Torque (Uruguay) have become part of the … Continue reading Portfolio club ownership on the rise

A sea change in German football?

GERMAN FOOTBALL could be on the brink of a power shift  – RB Leipzig, the controversial team from the old DDR that threatens to challenge the status quo, is now top of the Bundesliga. RB Leipzig hit first place on the weekend that Borussia Dortmund, the last team other than Bayern to win the Bundesliga, beat the aristocrats from Munich 1-0 in Der Klassiker. Leipzig … Continue reading A sea change in German football?

Let’s do the Leipzig again…

THE CITY of Leipzig was at the heart of football’s development in Germany. The sport first emerged there in the 1890s and VFB Leipzig were the first German champions. In  January 1900, the Deutscher Fußball-Bund was formed in Leipzig. As part of the old DDR, Leipzig was a major urban centre, but its economic and cultural importance declined during the Soviet years. Yet the city … Continue reading Let’s do the Leipzig again…