Chelsea’s Tuchel and the obstacle of being different

A LOT of Chelsea fans were upset about the sacking of Frank Lampard, somehow assuming his status in the  history books would make him immune to usual practice at one of the most ruthless clubs in Europe.  Those that consider the appointment of Thomas Tuchel a foolhardy step that lacks ambition are allowing their heart to […]

Chelsea in profit, but on the field they’re making losses

LIFE is never dull at Chelsea since they became a super club. As the Blues unveiled their latest financial figures, other statistics were being pored over, those that indicate Frank Lampard, club legend and all-round good fellow, could be losing his way at the moment. There has been paper talk that some players are confused […]

Chelsea have bought well – but beware the burden of big price tags

REMEMBER Pierluigi Casiraghi, the Italian international signed by Chelsea in May 1998 for £ 5.4 million? Not many people do, for his 10 Premier League appearances cost around half a million a piece. Luckless Casiraghi sustained a bad injury in November of that year and was never seen again. Historically, big price tags haven’t weighed […]

Chelsea make a loss as revenues flat-line, but what of the future?

CHELSEA received almost a quarter of a billion pounds in additional funding from owner Roman Abramovich as the club made a loss of around £ 100 million in 2018-19. Chelsea’s turnover totalled £ 447 million which was more or less on par with 2017-18 (£ 443) as a result of lower broadcasting (£200m) and matchday […]

Does football really have a moral code?

SPORTSWASHING, apparently, has become a trendy word. It has been applied to the practice adopted by dubious regimes, individuals or corporates in buying credibility through investing in or sponsoring big-time sport. In doing so, they attempt to change public perception or distract people from some of their less acceptable activities. Furthermore, by pouring money into […]

Chelsea and Lampard – where’s the biggest risk?

REMEMBER when Chelsea went left-field and hired André Villas-Boas, the 35 year-old Porto head coach? It was meant to be bold, innovative and – with absence making the heart grow fonder for the man who brought two league titles to the club – a Mourinho-lite appointment. It all turned sour and inexperience, over-expectation and tactical […]

Chelsea may be at the end of the Roman road

GEORGE HARRISON once sang, “All things must pass”, a reminder that no matter how presumptious the human condition can be, nothing lasts forever. In the context of football, both Liverpool and Manchester United now realise that the regimes they created, supposedly rock solid and built to endure, eventually succumbed to the changing times and new […]