1915: When football seemed unimportant

It has been known down the years as “The Khaki Final”, owing to the vast number of soldiers in military uniform watching the game. While the event is well known, the outcome of the match has been largely overlooked in history. Many people will struggle to name the two finalists: Sheffield United and Chelsea. But this game, coming at the end of the 1914-15 season, has more than a hint of poignancy about it, if only for the sight of wounded soldiers in their great coats watching the game in the Manchester rain. The Great War was supposed to be … Continue reading 1915: When football seemed unimportant

Calling in on….Sheffield United, the dashing Blades

Sheffield could – and should – be England’s Milan. Two clubs, considerable latent support, reasonable catchment area, passionate football folk, and a population of half a million. The two clubs, United and Wednesday, are part of football’s traditional heartland, early beneficiaries of the industrialisation of the sport in Britain, indeed the world. They need not be looking back at their best days, but sadly, they do. United’s glory days were in the day of the gas lamp, horsedrawn carriages and Victorian values. Wednesday’s halcyon period was also long ago, although they flickered on the big stage in the 1980s and … Continue reading Calling in on….Sheffield United, the dashing Blades