Football’s experts and influencers – some of the people we listen to

ONE OF the big changes in the football business world has been the recognition that the most popular sport on the planet now carries far greater weight than ever before. Admittedly, the game is dismissed as being the most important of the unimportant things in life, but in terms of contribution to the economy, social […]

The Real number one: How the financial industry ranks football clubs

THE FOOTBALL industry has grown extraordinarily over the past 20 years. The rise of leagues like the Premier, La Liga and the Bundesliga, along with globalisation and intensive mass media has transformed a sport that, in the 1980s, was ailing. In addition, the game has expanded, with developing football markets such as China, India and […]

Soccerex FF100 highlights investor appeal and rising contenders

MANCHESTER CITY is the world’s most powerful football club in terms of financial clout, according to the latest Soccerex Football Finance 100 report. Game of the People was involved in the creation of this paper for the second successive year, providing editorial support to Soccerex. The FF100 confirms that the irresistible reach of football continues […]

“The essence of football” – the Soccerex take on non-league

AMID bizarre stories about Billericay Town’s dressing room and training ground, it was reassuring to hear about the more realistic and sustainable side of non-league football at Soccerex. It was easy to agree with Guillem Balague’s opening gambit that non-league is too often described by what it isn’t rather than what it actually is. Considering […]