Tottenham are still waiting, but which clubs have been in the queue longest for a trophy?

EVERTON and Tottenham fought-out an exciting FA Cup fith round tie this week, with the Toffees winning by the odd goal in nine. It has been 26 years since Everton lifted a trophy, 33 since the league title last ended up at Goodison Park. Having made it to the last eight, the blue half of […]

Sunderland: The revealing footage that makes you wince

I WAS relatively late to the excellent series, Sunderland ‘Til I Die, largely because I am naturally cynical about carefully-scripted documentaries that supposedly tell the inside story of a club or institution. However, having watched the entire two-series offering, I not only feel I know Sunderland a little better, but the revealing content confirmed conventional […]

Sunderland: A confusing time to be a Black Cat

SUNDERLAND’s financial report for 2018-19 reflects, to a certain degree, a club that remains one of English football’s great enigmas – an institution with a strong heritage, fanatical support but a barren trophy cabinet. Sunderland, since 1970, have been promoted eight times and relegated on 10 occasions. After the disastrous double relegation of 2017 and […]

Soccer City: Sunderland – the weight of history

SUNDERLAND have been “big” for many years. That big means two things; big history and big support. It doesn’t mean a reflection of size in the same way that Manchester United or Arsenal are described, because Sunderland are not a successful club in the modern football era. The club’s historic success was mostly accumulated between […]

Through the turnstiles: Southampton v Sunderland

EAVESDROPPING on trains is something you cannot avoid, so for my entire journey from London to Southampton I was able to listen  to a young wannabee trying to impress a couple of Sunderland supporters about his exploits as a “journalist” – a “youtuber” with an obsession for “selfies” of the animated kind. Oh well, if […]

Hotbed? No, the North-East is a tepid pool of mediocrity

Sunderland’s dismissal of Martin O’Neill has prompted the usual cries that “The North-East is a footballing hotbed”. How often have we heard this comment? Probably ever since the region did have some credible claim to be an area of sporting excellence. Scratching my head, I wonder when exactly was that, and also, what criteria has […]