Sheffield – an underperforming city

RUN YOUR finger along the list of Premier League towns and cities and there’s a glaring omission – Sheffield. Not just because the city has a rich football heritage is the absence of a team from “steel city” notable, but also because the only place with a bigger population than Sheffield in the current list of 20 clubs is none other than London. Sheffield has … Continue reading Sheffield – an underperforming city

The pros and cons of a European Super League

GOTP has worked on another video with TIFO Football, this time on the concept of a European Super League. Very few people can be happy about the clandestine discussions that may or may not have taken place over the past year involving certain clubs to create a closed football league comprising the wealthiest names across the top five nations. A “super league” is what they … Continue reading The pros and cons of a European Super League

Manchester United’s commercial partnerships

AFTER a match at Old Trafford, the 70,000-odd supporters disperse and make their way home or maybe to a bar, pub or restaurant. The chances are, they will come across products that have been touched by the Manchester United franchise. They may drive a car that may be lubricated by a company that is part of the MUFC partnership programme, they may get some cash … Continue reading Manchester United’s commercial partnerships