Premier League Opening Weekend: Tough on new boys and rusty defenders

WELL IT’S back and although some of the big hitters have yet to kick-off, it’s clear that the song remains the same for some football people. All three newly-promoted teams were beaten, two comfortably and one pushing the reigning champions to the limit. It doesn’t bode well for teams like Fulham and West Bromwich Albion, […]

Furlough furore shows Premier League clubs need to focus more on reputation

SOME FOOTBALL clubs claim to be closely aligned to their community and understand the state of the nation. Indeed, some pride themselves on being representative of their city or town. Sometimes, though, it is hard to believe clubs really know what they are doing and why they think they can make insensitive decisions and avoid […]

Eric Dier dared to do – what a sign of our times

FOOTBALL has long tolerated bad behaviour, indeed it has been ingrained in the culture of the sport for decades. Whether it is fans hurling racist chants at black players, skinheads trading punches or footballers displaying petty violence and petulance, football has invariably conceded that these things are “just part of the game”. Eric Dier’s foolish […]

Barcelona and the value of a football club to its local economy

WHEN A football club moves out of its traditional home, such as West Ham’s transition to the Olympic stadium at Stratford or Atlético Madrid’s relocation to the Wanda Metropolitano, the local economy is bound to suffer. The restaurants, fast food outlets and bars that, for decades, have depended on the micro-economy that existed around the […]