India, China and the US – credible stats

NO MATTER how much activity seems to be coming out of emerging market football nations, not many people are prepared to consider that the United States, India and China will ever be serious football powers. You cannot deny, however, that interest in the game in these markets is booming, with India and China particularly growing at a rapid pace. Attendances at top level matches in these countries are on the rise and now rivalling their more mature cousins in Europe. Admittedly, India and China have vast populations to call upon, but you cannot fail to be impressed by some of … Continue reading India, China and the US – credible stats

In the Blazer wreckage, the Gold Cup vies for attention

With the Women’s World Cup, Copa America and UEFA Under-21 tournaments out of the way, the focus should now be on the CONCACAF Gold Cup. It comes at a time when the game in the region is under something of a cloud after the FIFA scandal. In fact, Chuck Blazer, the former general secretary of CONCACAF, has just been given a lifetime ban from football. Given its relative weakness, CONCACAF’s major tournament never really gets much attention. There are three main reasons why: firstly, it takes place every two years; secondly, there are so few potential winners and lastly, it … Continue reading In the Blazer wreckage, the Gold Cup vies for attention

Reborn in the USA: Soccer

President Obama believes the US will win the World Cup at some point. When you’ve picked yourself up off the floor after laughing yourself stupid, you cannot deny his comment represents a shift in the status of football in the United States. It has been quite easy to be skeptical about football and the Americans. People like the late Phil Woosnam, Pele, Franz Beckenbauer and David Beckham have all tried to kick-start “soccer” in the home of the brave, and it’s been a staccato tale of new dawns, false dawns, franchise fever and the odd “kick in the grass”. It’s … Continue reading Reborn in the USA: Soccer