Often overlooked – the Jewish influence on world football

THESE are troubled and uncertain times for Britain’s Jewish population. With accusations of anti-semitism aimed at the country’s biggest political party, the mere mention of which sends a shiver down the spine of anyone with knowledge of the Holocaust, there is an underlying fear that history could be repeating itself. From that dreadful period, the tale of a hugely influential football figure has emerged, written … Continue reading Often overlooked – the Jewish influence on world football

GOTP country special: Austria

THERE’S NOTHING Game of the People enjoys more than a foray into central Europe. And Austria, once one of the cradles of the game, is a particular favourite location for editorial staff at GOTP Towers. We’ve produced various articles on Austrian football. Here is our first GOTP Special – Austria Austria’s Wunderteam – the godfathers of football’s soul Apart from a spell in the late … Continue reading GOTP country special: Austria

Viennese whirl: The first man

We’ve all seen the movie, starring Orson Welles and featuring that hypnotic tune, The Harry Lime theme by Anton Karas. Vienna is renowned for its association with Carol Reed’s film, The Third Man, so much so that it is constantly on show in a Viennese cinema. Of course, those more concerned with recent events will link the Austrian capital with Ultravox and that outstanding electro-pop … Continue reading Viennese whirl: The first man