All hail the volunteer

LAST WEEKEND, the Southern League elected a new chairman in Terry Barratt, who has presided over the affairs of Hitchin Town for the past 25 years. Aside from having a hair style that often rivals Boris Johnson’s wayward mop  (an admirable achievement in people beyond 70!), Terry (pictured) deserves a medal for “sticking with it” for the past quarter century. He’s not only Hitchin’s longest … Continue reading All hail the volunteer

Volunteers – non-league football’s diminishing race

The recent survey conducted by website provider Pitchero demonstrated two things: that established volunteers are committed to sport but conversely, the young are reluctant to get involved in activities like non-league football. Not that volunteering, per se, is a thing of the past. Britain is still a charitable nation judging by the onslaught of tin-shakers that one encounters every day. And small town Britain is … Continue reading Volunteers – non-league football’s diminishing race