Life in the Tropic of Wealdstone

AS THAT TV series about Salford revealed, a non-league club is a little world of its own. Behind its “metroland” neighbourhood in Ruislip, Wealdstone is no different. It’s an institution that has come back, not quite from the dead, but certainly from a nomadic existence that would have killed off some outfits. To have returned from a very uncertain future suggests that there was plenty of heart and soul in the club and you only need visit the them at their adopted home of Grosvenor Vale to see they are not only alive and kicking, but actually flourishing. I have to … Continue reading Life in the Tropic of Wealdstone

Taking the contrarian view – the cult clubs that defy the odds

There are successful clubs, monied clubs, ambitious clubs and those that are always down on their luck. But there are also clubs that have some cachet because of their name. Some are, relatively speaking, well supported considering their status. And there’s those that have enjoyed better days, moments when they have been in the sun, won trophies and been at the top of the game. In non-league football, there’s been a lot of teams that have fallen [dramatically] from grace, but often this has inspired great loyalty among their fans. It’s not exclusive to non-league football. Cult clubs in the … Continue reading Taking the contrarian view – the cult clubs that defy the odds

Stones provide Bartlett with emotional rescue

Although they don’t like to admit it, Wealdstone should be among the favourites for promotion from the Ryman Premier Division in 2013-14.  At the end of last season, they lost in the play-offs to johnny-cum-lately side Concord Rangers, the second year running they had failed at that stage. Unlike some clubs, Wealdstone are not the sort of outfit that takes the knee-jerk reaction to misfortune. Manager Gordon Bartlett is, after all, starting his 19th season at the helm, which has given him a special status at the club and with its fans. The usually ebullient figure of Bartlett – a manager … Continue reading Stones provide Bartlett with emotional rescue