State of Play: Newcastle United

NEWCASTLE UNITED are no longer in the relegation zone and will be in the Premier League in 2022-23. The takeover of the club in October 2021 was greeted with near-hysteria in the city on the Tyne, and the hope among their long-suffering fans is that they will become the next emerging power in English and European football.

Newcastle have been a great club in the past, but their recent record is modest to say the least. Their last domestic honour was won in 1955, their last piece of serious silverware in 1969, a wonderful trophy from a competition that no longer exists.

If there is a club that is indelibly linked to a city and region, it is surely Newcastle United. Although the club’s new owners have not been universally welcomed into English football, there is no doubt that the resources provided by Saudi Arabia should elevate Newcastle and give them their best hope of winning a major prize. The story is likely to be rocky, but in 2022-23, there will no more interesting place to be.

Our latest State of Play report looks at Newcastle United from all angles.

Click here to see the report

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