The Grey Neutral: Leagues, legends and laces

NON-LEAGUE football clubs must be on their knees at present. Some leagues are suspended now which means matchday income will disappear once more. With so much uncertainty surrounding the covid-19 virus, nobody can be certain we shall not move into 2021 and beyond with another stop-start process. Furthermore, with the Christmas period sure to provoke […]

Arsenal are in a turnaround project – Arteta needs time

MIKEL Arteta comes across as an earnest, decent sort of fellow, one that may not, ultimately, be successful but will get the benefit of the doubt longer than some less popular characters in the management game. After Arsenal were beaten by neighbouring Tottenham 2-0, their sixth Premier League defeat in 11 games, the fans had […]

More winners, more frequently – football’s evolution

WOULD football, if it were invented today, position itself around nine-month league competitions and knockout tournaments that involve multiple rounds over half the year?  League formats, which began with the Football League in 1888, have largely remained unchanged for decades, although some have introduced phased structures where titles, relegation and European places are decided through […]

Football Read Review: Are these Britain’s greatest football grounds?

MIKE Bayly is an excellent photographer, of that there can be no doubt. His book, British Football’s Greatest Grounds, is packed with marvellous shots of scenic stadiums set in very evocative backdrops.  Sadly, Mike’s book may also end up becoming a record of what used to be – how many of the stadiums will exist […]

Solskjær will become a victim of the barometer approach

OLE GUNNAR SOLSKJÆR’s job at Manchester United is under constant surveillance: by the media, by the fans and by the club’s owners and board. If you believe all you read, then OGS is just one more big defeat away from the sack. Every week that passes, the popular Norwegian’s future appears to hang by a […]

Has the absence of crowds created a purer, more focused game?

THE PREMIER League has been exciting so far with virtually every game delivering entertainment, drama and no small amount of controversy. After 28 fixtures, the goal-per-game ratio is an astonishing 3.68 – that’s higher than at any time in modern football history. In 2019-20, the ratio was 2.72 and in 2018-19 2.82. The trend has […]